13 Week Marketing Plan: Your fast track to a profitable business

Every business has different needs.

We strategically generate a unique plan that helps you reach your goals.

Marketing Infrastructure

First, a framework that will ensure a natural flow of information to your customer is created or updated. This framework can include website pages, social media accounts, newsletter and analytics accounts. The framework can also include advertisement service accounts set up with online and offline vendors as required.

Content Creation

The messaging and media assets that will be presented to your perspective customers are then created. This messaging can be in the form of blog post, photos, video, audio messages, social media post, as well as online and offline advertising. The best conversation to be used with your customer is utilized to provide the highest return on investment.


We don't gurarantee that your business will reach the top spot in Google's search engine. However, we purposely create content with search engine optimization in mind. We research and utilize appropriate keywords as required.

Social Media

With so many customers utilizing social media for information, it's nonsense to not post content on social networks in regular intervals. During your campaign we ensure your followers are routinely provided with news, promotions and updates.

Advertisement Placement

Where will your customers see or hear your message? Based on your budget we'll utilize television, radio, social media, internet banners, and other online and offline advertisement opportunites to get your message to as many suitable customers as possible.


Was it worth the effort? We provide the answer by collecting data that provides results and analysis based on advertising placement, social media and website usage.